Wednesday 20 August 2014
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Hybrid coffee table and flower vase

Hybrid coffee table and flower vase

Hybrid coffee table and flower vase – a new development of Italian designers. Developers were given free rein to their imagination –...


The original office building spiral shape of Australian architects

  In Sydney (Australia) held an architectural competition for the best office building. The winners were the tower «The city rises»...

The most visual world bus stop

The most visual world bus stop

Public transport stops and so very typical and recognizable in any city in the world. But in the American Baltimore recently appeared the...


In the Swiss Alps built hotel with gleaming golden dome

In one of the ski resorts in Switzerland built a domed hotel, surrounded by a shimmering golden undulating facade. Located in the heart of...


Robot Hitch began the journey to Canada

The robot traveler should independently make their way across the country, and only hitchhiking. Made out of the box of cake, bucket and...


Solar panels can be cleaned automatically

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, together with colleagues from Saudi Arabia have developed a method of...

How to balloons of steel

How to “balloons” of steel

For this he uses the hydraulic forming. Water is pumped under high pressure between the plates tightly welded around the perimeter and...


Pyramid – some useful information

Large structure of pyramidal shape, typically a tomb or temple. The best known Egyptian pyramids, most of which was built in the era of the...



Rockets flying under the influence of reactive power within them burning fuel. First used in China around 1300 as incendiary bombs. Fuel...



Refined sugar is known since ancient times in China and India, where it is made from sugar cane in the time of Alexander the Great. In...